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Everest Base Camp Trek -16Days

Laser Travel - Everest Base Camp Trek -16DaysMost famous, best mountain views trek and very few people of the world who wouldn’t love to be in this part of world to explore the highes...

Nepal and Bhutan -15 Days

Laser Travel - Nepal and Bhutan  Tours -15 Days
Nepal and Bhutan holida...

Journeys across the Kingdom of Bhutan

Laser Travel - Journeys across the Kingdom of Bhutan-13 days

Experience Bhutan through its whole length as you drive from west to central valleys and to the far remote East. The trip includes variet...

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Dubai Holiday Package

Dubai is perhaps the best known of the 7 Emirates of the UAE. Famed for its wealth and opulence Dubai is undoubtedly the most glamorous destination in the Arabian peninsular. So what is the secret to Dubai's success, and what delights await the visitor? The wealth of Dubai mainly comes, not from oil,but from tourism and business. Trade has always been the very soul of Dubai, and this outward looking and enterprising spirit remain strong to this day. Hospitality to business and leisure visitors is critical to Dubai, and those who experience it will seldom be disappointed. The international flavor of Dubai cannot be understated. Just 17% of the population is Emerati, with the rest being composed largely of workers from around the globe. It is in fact Indians (and also others from the sub-continent) who make up the majority of the population in Dubai! With flights to India being the short hop that they are it is obvious why Dubai is such a popular choice for overseas workers and business people from there. Attractions in Dubai include the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building! Officially opened in January this tower truly scrapes the sky at an astonishing 828 metres tall. This building also sets several other records, including having the world's highest swimming pool on the 76th floor, and the worlds highest mosque of the 158th. Entertainment and hotels in Dubai are excellent. Particularly recommend are the Grand Hyatt, the Somerset Jadaf and Burj al Arab. The Burj al Arab is one of the most distinctive buildings on Dubai's remarkable skyline. Built to resemble a sail to reflect the areas seafaring heritage, this hotel stands on a specially constructed artificial island and has declared itself to be a 7 star establishment. Two things that Dubai is rightly famous for are beaches and shopping. The best beaches in Dubai are the Jebel Ali beach, Wollongong Beach and Jumeirah Beach. The Grand Mosque at Jumeirah is open to visitors and is a must for visitors wanting to connect to the history and culture of the UAE.
Laser Travel and Tours offers dedicated tours to Dubai as well as cross country tours which includes tours to Dubai and Nepal. Understanding our customers need in last several years, the tours to Dubai and Nepal has been most interesting and well running package in the market. If existing package doesn't meet your requirements, please do not hesitate to drop us an email mentioning your exact needs. Our sales team shall be more than glad to assist you and customize a package as per your interest either only for Dubai or tours to Dubai and Nepal as per your need.


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