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Malaysia, Singapore & Bangkok

Laser Travel - Kuala Lumpur, Singapore & Bangkok -7daysThe Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand package takes you 7 days on the way to explore most famous places of three cities; Kuala Lumpur, Singap...

Explorer Nepal and Dubai - 13 Days

Laser Travel - Explorer Dubai and Nepal- 13 Days

The Explorer Dubai and Nepal is a combination of Dubai & Nepal holiday package which gives an opportunity to explorer Dubai, fascinating ...

Honeymoon in Bangkok

Laser Travel - Honeymoon in Bangkok-8 DaysUnleash the beauty of some spectacular places in Bangkok with your beloved. Bangkok, the city of endless fun and excitement is one of the to...
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Tibet Holiday Packages

The northern of India, Nepal and North - East of Himalayas lies a plateau region in Asia which is traditional homeland of the Tibetan people as well as some other ethnic groups such as Monpas, Qiang, Lhobas, and is inhabited by considerable numbers of Han and Hui people. Tibet is the highest region on earth, with an average elevation of 4,900 metres (16,000FT). Tibet emerged in the 7th century as a unified empire, but it soon divided into a variety of territories. The bulk of western and central Tibet were often at least nominally unified under a series of Tibetan governments in Lhasa, Shigatse, or nearby locations; these governments were at various times under Mongol and Chinese over lordship. The eastern regions of Kham and Amdo often maintained a more decentralized indigenous political structure, being divided among a number of small principalities and tribal groups, while also often falling more directly under Chinese rule; most of this area was eventually incorporated into the Chinese provinces of Sichuan and Qinghai. In 1951, following a military conflict, Tibet was incorporated into the newly established People's Republic of China and the previous Tibetan government was abolished in the year of 1959. Laser Travel and Tours offers various dedicated tours to the highland which starts from Kathmandu by flight and return by land or both ways by flights. It depends with travel season and in your budget. During the monsoon season even some of the month like heavy monsoon season and in heavy snow-fall we would be forced to operate only the in out by flights. We do offer many types of Budhhist tours, culture and adventure likely: Tibet Overland with Mount Everest Base Camp tour 10 days, Lhasa culture tours Namtso Lake Gyangste and Singatse 7 days tours, Tibet and Nepal Family Holiday package, Central Tibet with Mount Everest and Nepal culture Tours, Holy Namtso Lake including Mount Everest Dringung Sky Burial which you can add with our Nepal tours as per your choice. Most of our customers from the Middle East, Germany, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Riyadh, Dubai, London, Australia and Canada prefer bellow predefined holiday packages. However, if you are looking for tailored tours to Tibet and Nepal, please do not hesitate to contact us in our live support or by email.


Packages available: