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Amazing Treasure of Italy

Laser Travel - Amazing Treasure of Italy - 13daysAmazing treasure of Italy is a classic and comprehensive tour that brings visitors to discover the most famous destinations in Italy, ideal ...

Culture Tours, Rafting & Jungle Safar..

Laser Travel - Cultral Tours, Rafting & Jungle Safari - 10 DAYS

Our trip plan under this package will initially be designated to Soyambhunath, Boudhanath, Pashupatinath and Patan. As you travel around ...

Glimpse of Bhutan -6Days

Laser Travel - Glimpse of Bhutan - 6DaysThe Glimpse of Bhutan is an ideal way to experience the glory and the myth of this Himalayan Kingdom at its most magnificent – a perfect b...
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Sun Koshi River

Sun Koshi, which is means to "River of Gold" rises near the Tibetan Plateau and flows eastwards traversing through the great valley between the beautiful Mahabharat range. It forms the main watershed for most of the eastern parts of Nepal and is fed by the tributaries drained from the world's highest mountains. It finally emerges in the northern plains of India before entering the holy Gangas. The major rapids are huge with bouncy waves, drops and holes similar to the rapids in the Grand Canyon of Colorado. Along the river are beautiful white sandy beaches for camping and the lower section of the river is covered with thick vegetation inhabited by Monkeys, Gharials, Leopards and a large number of Birds. Sun Koshi is one of the popular whitewater rafting river in Nepal and is the longest trip offered in Nepal. Rafting starts from the hilly region with our put-in-point at Dolalghat just three hours drive from Kathmandu and ends up at Chatara, down in the plains, just a week later. The rushing waters of Sun Koshi tumbling down from the snow-capped mountains passing through the hills and plains, great gorges and canyons offers a fascinating river trip. The rafting trip on Sun Koshi starts off with small class II and III rapids which help the rafters warm up and hone their rafting skills, preparing themselves for the challenges ahead. From the third day, the rapids get bigger and more frequent and we find ourselves in the middle of giant waves. And Sun Koshi still reserves some of its biggest rapids for the last few days.

With world-class rapids, stunning scenery, great camping sites, tranquil evenings, vibrant culture and abundant wildlife almost four hundred species of birds such as water redstart, dipper, flycatcher, wall creepers, bulbul, fork tale to name a few and two hundred and fifty different species of orchids, all make this a unique experience and one of the world's ten classic river journeys. Your ultimate adventure ends only after you cover 210 kilometres of wild stretches and calm flows. We do provide 7 or 9 days Raft in Sun Koshi River. Our Rafting duration are mostly depends with Session. If you are interested to Raft in Sun Koshi please do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide full day outlined activities and quote the price accordingly.



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