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Karnali River

Rising in the vicinity of Tibet, the Karnali, Nepal's largest and longest river, springs from the base of Mt. Kailash, popularly known as the centre of the universe by Hindus and Buddhists. This great river with its graceful class III to awe-inspiring class V rapids offers a classic expedition with its large volume of whitewater. Rafting when combined with short trekking, fishing and wildlife exploration or jungle safari activities can be quite an unforgettable experience.
The Karnali carves the Himalayan landscape into a series of magnificent gorges and canyons as it descends slowly into the forests of western Nepal. Seasonal snow melts and storms can cause the river levels to swell dramatically and create the extremes of white-water rafting. It is counted as one of the best river trips offered all around.

We don't see any sign of the modern world for the next eight days while we hit the river. Life seems so isolated and demanding, yet so rewarding with the wonderful experience in the Wild. Many expeditions have been delighted by sights of Langur and Rhesus monkeys, leopards, bear, martins, deer, crocodiles and gharials. Karnali, apart from being one of the best white-water rivers, supports the finest fish habitat in Nepal. The river is known for giant catfish and the magnificent Golden Mahseer. Karnali with its huge rapids is a serious undertaking and even at lower levels is still a thrilling ride with the rapids becoming more constricted and the gradient ever steeper. One highlight of this classic river journey is a 7 km roller-coaster ride through the gorge where you encounter rapids at every bend. The Karnali is good for rafting in any season. You can also include your Rafting trip with Bardiya National Park Safari Tour.

The Karnali River Rafting is normally planned for 10 days Trips. If you are interested to Raft in Karnali River please kindly let us know. We will be more than glad to provide the details. Let us also know if you are interested to combine your Rafting trip with Jungle Safari tour in Bardiya National Park.



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