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Duration: 6 Days

Egypt Culture and Desert Safari Tours – 6 Days

Egypt's busy capital Cairo attracts tourists looking for a lively break. By day there are plenty of sights to explore in the sprawling city - from the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities to the Citadel - and by night there are numerous dining options from up market eateries to simple cafés. This exquisite holiday package will take you to Egypt's iconic sights - Giza's pyramids (one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world), the Sphinx and explore famous Deserts like White sand desert, black desert and know Egypt’s culture at its best. The country isn’t just an old-fashioned museum. Discover the Bahariya Oasis, driving 360 kilometers south west of Cairo. Enjoy a trip to the Crystal Mountains, the sand dunes , the salt lake, therapeutic Hot and Cold Springs, the Oasis Gardens, Gebel al Ingleez, Pyramid Mountain, many Tombs and Temples inside the city and the inspiring Oasis Musem. About 160 km south of Bahariya Oasis, the White Desert begins. It is truly white, in clear contrast with the yellow desert elsewhere. A overnight stay out in the desert makes for delightful memories that you will treasure forever.

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