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Duration: 5 Days

Highlights of Azerbaijan – 5Days

The highlights of Azerbaijan take you five days in the unbeaten path to explorer less visited places in this small country in Southern Caucasus on the edge of Europe. Azerbaijan has an oil booming economy. That brings a lot of contrast to the county between rich and poor, national and cosmopolitan, authentic and replicated. Everyone will find something interesting to himself. Keep in mind, that the country is quite expensive and don’t be shocked by the prices for services that might be double of those in major European capitals. Oil bring money, a lot of money brings inflation that in turn makes all expensive. Still, budget traveling is possible if you know your ways, have a sense of humor and some adventure spirit. During the five days tour to Azerbaijan, you will explorer Ateshgah Fire Temple, Fire Mountain – Yanardag, natural wonder of Nohurgol Lake and Seven Beauties Waterfalls, and finally city of Baku exploring; Central Nizami street (Torgovaya), Old City “Icharishahar” the open-air museum, Azerbaijan State Philarmonic Hall, Miniature books museum, Maiden Tower, Boulevard, Carpet Museum, Mugham Centre, Baku funicular, Martyr’s Lane, Flame Towers and Haydar Aliyev centre. This tour is a pre-designed short holiday package to Baku from Nepal or suitable for travellers from another part of the world. If the pre-designed holiday package does not cover-up your interest, please contact us.

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